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Dana is American Boy name and meaning of this name is "God is My Judge, Judge, Arbiter".. Based on numerology value 2, Dana is Cooperative, Sensitive, Adaptive, Passive, Diplomatic, Peaceful, Warm, excellent partner, kind, balance, friendly, tactful and diplomatic.Below is some points about the name Dana based on numerology value -.

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Dana originates in English language and means "from Denmark". It is derived from a surname and today can be used as both feminine and masculine given names. In other languages, especially Slavic, Dana is considered a feminine form of Daniel and thus is only used for girls. There is also an Arabic meaning of this name, "the prettiest pearl".

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What is the meaning of name Dana. It is Danish Name. It is a baby Girl names. The meaning of name Dana is from Denmark . Here is all about Dana at BabyNM.cpm. ... Top Irish Baby Names; Top Italian Baby Names; Top Japanese Baby Names; Top Muslim Baby Names; Top Scottish Baby Names; Top Hindu Baby Names; Popular Names; Baby Names.

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